Energy Storage connector: Make Progress in Energy Storage Industry

23/02/2022 Slocable

The utilization of resources promotes the progress of human society, however, the consumption of resources is irreversible. Energy conservation and environmental protection has long been a hot topic all over the world. And, the energy storage industry was gradually entering the public vision......The energy storage connector is designed to lower the energy loss in the process of wiring.

Energy conservation and environmental protection has long been a hot topic all over the world. The whole world is studying how to develop renewable energy and seek advanced methods to efficiently utilize energy. The energy storage industry was gradually entering the public vision. Energy storage connectors are widely used in energy storage systems. So how much do you know about energy storage connectors? Today, we’d like to introduce you to a quick-plug energy storage connector manufacturing technology in energy storage connectors. Let’s increase our knowledge of energy storage connectors.

Two Common Energy Storage Connectors on the Market

Bolted energy storage connector

Its current-carrying capacity is strong, and the connection part is not easy to fail under the long-term action of current.

Fast plug-in energy storage connector.

The connector is divided into two parts: socket and plug, with interlocking function, and mostly adopts solid pin and torsion ring reed socket structure, which is quick and easy to plug and unplug.

Features of fast plug-in energy storage connector

A hollow cylindrical structure with a slot hole, and a combined contact piece arranged in the cylindrical body.

Special design between the contact and the socket improves the current-carrying capacity of the connector, and reduces the temperature rise of the contact.

A 360 degree of rotation design, helping  the flexible wiring

High-quality energy storage connectors should mainly have the characteristics of safety, reliability and consistency. Safety is the primary standard for the quality of key components. No matter how the industry develops, it must be based on safety, otherwise even the largest industry will encounter risks. Secondly, the reliability of the energy storage connector is also particularly important, and the lifespan of the energy storage system is about 15 years. The energy storage connector is the key to the entire system, and its life is related to whether the entire energy storage system can operate safely and effectively within 15 years.

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