Why We Need Isolation Switches

03/03/2022 Slocable

When installing a photovoltaic system, isolation switches are recommended install. But why we need it? How it work for our PV station?

Why We Need Isolation Switches


When installing a photovoltaic system, the installer generally isolates the input of the battery panel and the inverter by turning off the DC switch first. The DC power is not connected to the DC side of the inverter during the process of wiring and plugging and unplugging of the DC terminal. To prevent personal electric shock and damage to the inverter and other equipment. Therefore, when the system is installed,  a switch to isolate the DC power between the inverter and the battery panel.


In a photovoltaic power station, the inverter is the “core center”, and in order to ensure sufficient power generation time, the inverter does not have a start-stop button. There is light (even in rainy weather), and then there will electricity generated by the solar panel, which means that the inverter automatically works also. Problem emerges. When replacing or repairing the inverter, even if the AC side has been disconnected by the installed AC circuit breaker, but the DC side is always powered. In this case, if the inverter does not have a switch to isolate the DC power from the battery panel, it is easy to cause electric shock and damage to the equipment.


At present, most inverters on the market are of the TL series, that is, there is no internal electrical isolation, and there is the possibility of backflow from the AC side to the DC side. During maintenance, if the AC switch and the DC switch can be well isolated, each devices can be more securely protected.

Slocable DC isolation switches are divided into five types according to the mounting method. They are an external mounting type, the rail mounting type , the door lock mounting type, the panel mounting type, and the single hole mounting type, we can sure that we’ll meet your requirements.

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