MC4 Solar Connectors: 5 Steps for Installation

22/03/2022 Slocable

When installing the connector, the tools we need are wire strippers, crimping pliers and a special spanner for connectors.

In photovoltaic systems, connectors are everywhere, from components, inverters to engineering sites. 1MW photovoltaic system, according to the solar panel used in PV station,there will probably installed 2000~3000 sets of connectors.


Step 1 Strip the PV Cable

Put the cable into the stripping pot, leaving about 8mm wire end. Then press down the handle with appropriate force, turn the pliers and pull it out

Step 2 Crimp the Cable Conductor

Put the inner core into the platinum spigot, then stick the stripped cable into the terminal of the core and press them gently. When crimping, please make sure the copper tin have tightly been connected before open the pliers.

(Press down the handle with appropriate force)

Step 3 Insert the Cable into Female Connector

Insert the crimped cable forcefully into the connector shell until you hear a “click” sound.

Step 4 Screw the Nut

Use a special spanner to tighten the nut.

Step 5 Insert the Male Connector 

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