Portable power stations: Nice Journey, Nice Day

26/03/2022 Slocable

Get power whenever you need it with a battery-powered portable generator.

The weather is perfect, and everyone wants to go somewhere. That is a good time to relax outdoor. A portable power station is a good choice for your happy journey.

Portable power stations are cousins of generators packed into a smaller size. They offer a wide range of ports, as well as jack and outlet selection you need to keep your power tools, phone and other electronics charged and running smoothly. A portable power station is a versatile, lunch-box-size power bank that can go with you to construction sites, on camping trips or wherever else you need electricity.

They can also provide backup power during a power outage when you need to keep your phone on or an essential appliance running.

The best portable power station for your particular needs will depend on many factors, but it will probably come down to the cardinal two: power delivery performance and price.

How many years can portable power stations last

How many years a portable power station last depends on two key factors -- how well the product is maintained and how often it's used. The statistics show that the portable power stations are all about 500 cycles. One cycle means using the product from fully charged to zero charge. Therefore, if you use your portable power station several times a week, it might only last a year or two. But if you use it less frequently, it could last for much longer.

Portable power stations are generally designed to power smaller electronic devices and appliances, from phones and table fans to heavy-duty work lights and CPAP machines. Pay attention to the estimated watt-hours each brand provides in its specs to determine which model makes the most sense for what you'd like to power.

If a portable power station is told that it has 200 watt-hours, it should be able power a device with a 1-watt output for about 200 hours.

Slocable’s portable power station is designed to the outdoor trip. It can be charged by solar panel and also by the home. It holds DC and AC output end, which can be mobile phone, laptop drone, game console and camera. The power is 1000W, and the capacity is 1500Wh, at least.

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