Slocable TUV 1500V DC 10mm Solar PV High Quality Cable

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  • Dual wall insulation. Electron beam cross-linked
  • Excellent resistance to U.V., oil, greases, oxygen, water, fluids, salt, general weathering and ozone
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Halogen free, flame retardant, low toxicity
  • Excellent flexibility and stripping performance
  • High current carrying capacity


  • Solar PV cables are used in photovoltaic systems: photovoltaic systems convert solar radiation in the form of light into usable electrical energy. Includes solar system and other system components. Solar energy systems can be classified according to different aspects, including on-grid and off-grid systems, building integration.
  • Buried construction: The quality of the solar cable is very good, it can cope with various temperatures on the earth, and adapt to the working environment of different climatic conditions. Therefore, it is very beneficial to underground construction.
  • For large buildings: Larger companies and residences require solar cables and energy because of their extremely high power consumption.

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Product Specifications


Electrical Characteristics

1)Rated voltage: 1500V DC
2)Rated current: 95A
3)Max.conductor temperature:+120℃
4)Ambient temperature:-40~+90℃
5)Conductor Resistance(max.):10.0mm²:1.95Ω/km@20℃
6)Dielectric Strength(AC):6.5 KV/5Min.
7)Expected period of use :≥25 years

Physical Characteristics

1)Flame test: IEC60332-1-2
2)Smoke density: IEC61034-2
3)Halogen free: IEC62821-1
4)Ozone resistance: IEC60811-403
5)Oil resistance: EN60811
6)UV resistant: IEC60811-501

Product Description

· Tinned copper stranded wire
· XLPE insulation, white color
· XLPE Jacket, black/red


Reference Standard

· EN 50618:2014
· IEC 62930 

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